30 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028


5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Introducing E Madison Avenue

E by Equinox is the most elevated Equinox experience. It's where you unlock your highest performance in an intimate, science-fueled environment.

Inspired by its community, E Madison Avenue embraces the art of living. Thoughtful luxuries and bespoke service create an unparalleled club space for the Upper East Side.

Club Highlights

  • Top-tier personal training
  • Private Pilates Studio
  • Signature Classes
  • Strength floor
  • Spa
  • Steam Room
  • Ready-to-eat organic nutrition
  • Member Lounge

Your Body of Work

E Madison Avenue is where you'll realize a vision of physical performance as unique as you are, an intimate backdrop for disrupting your routine and embracing your transformation.

Personal Training

Work closely with our industry-leading trainers and take a 360-degree approach to redefining your potential.

Tier X

At the heart of E beats Tier X, the most advanced Personal Training at Equinox. Work with a coaching team to redefine your movement, nutrition, sleep, habits and behavior choices.


Our private Pilates studio brings together the finest equipment and the industry’s best instructors to deliver your personal transformation.

Group Fitness

Addictive classes. Extraordinary instructors. New challenges around every corner.

Your Moment of Zen

Do less to do more. Discover the regeneration experiences we've created throughout the club and power down to power further.

The Spa

Your personalized sessions are essential for a high-performance life. Tell us what you need—we’ll work it out together.

Specialized Recovery

Rejuvenate with the latest techniques in Spa and beyond—including Cupping and Hypervolt therapies as well as Kinesiology Taping.

Active Regeneration

You'll find powerful moments in our classes to reboot to a higher level.

Your Daily Bread

The key to eating well is getting personal. With your trainer, you strategize to make better choices, with our ready-to-eat organic nutrition you find the refueling option that's right for you.

Ready-to-eat Organic Nutrition

Refuel with our curated selection of healthy, prepared food and drink.

Your Time With Us

Meet every need, surpass every expectation—this is the art of living. We perfected it. You'll feel it every time you visit.

  • Complimentary
    Laundry Valet

  • Digital Showers

  • Elevated Locker Rooms with Heated Floors

  • In-locker USB Chargers

  • Member Experience Director

  • Steam Rooms


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